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Tuesday August 25, 17:00 UTC

Chapter 4.

  • Location independent identity
  • The CAP Theorem
  • Causality

Wednesday September 2, 17:00 UTC

Chapters 7 and 8.

  • Authorization rules
  • Mutable property
  • Outbox

Wednesday September 9, 17:00 UTC

Chapter 9.

  • Pipelines
  • Affected set
  • New results

Wednesday September 23 17:00 UTC

Chapter 10.

  • Content addressed storage
  • Legacy application integration
  • Application-agnostic stores

Wednesday September 30, 17:00 UTC

Chapter 11.

  • HTTP and REST
  • Queues and topics
  • Bookmarks and subsets

Wednesday October 7, 17:00 UTC

Chapter 12.

  • Interest
  • Immutable runtimes
  • Decision substrate